Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Resolutions Reviewed

 2010 was a pretty good genealogy year for me. I didn't complete all my goals, but I was able to do somethings I never imagined. Let's see how well I did on my written 2010 resolutions:

  • Finish fixing source citations in database and organize digital files (just my grandma's line to go, too bad it's half the database). Totally got this done. Database is all sourced (except for a few things that got skipped) and digital files are all organized.
  • Finally order some film from FHL. I ordered around 6 films from FHL this year. I have found some great information about my ancestors and most importantly, obtained original sources.
  • Gather more original sources and find more ancestors and their stories. Lots more original sources were added to my tree and I found tons of more ancestors. My favorite newly found ancestors are the parents of my brick wall ancestor, George E. Hillis. Finding his family gave me 5 generations in Rabbit Hash, Kentucky.
  • Visit a cemetery or local library for information on my ancestors. Thanks to my dad not wanting to do everything on my list on his trip to central Pennsylvania to visit his family, I was able to tag along and visit two cemeteries and the local library. It was a great trip that finally extended my lines into Germany.
  • Write up some of my research as ancestor narratives to give to family. (I would like to do one a month, but I'll say that I want 6 done by the end of the year since I don't know how easily I will be able to put them together.) This is the one thing I totally let slip away. Even though I had stories to write, I just never did them. I think I did 3.
  • Finish Vevay Newspaper Index (18 years to go). Finished this in March. It is now available on my website as well as a members-only database for the Indiana Genealogical Society.
  • Attend genealogy conferences (should be attending Indiana Genealogical Society conference in Fort Wayne, Ohio Genealogical conference in Toledo and hopefully FGS in Knoxville, Tennessee). I was able to attend all of these conferences. Can't wait for more next year!
  • Attend Allen County Genealogical Society of Indiana meetings. I attended most of their meetings. Love the speakers they are able to get.
  • Attend other genealogy events at the Allen County Public Library. Apparently spent too much time doing that as Curt Witcher decided to put my time to use. (More on that later this year.)
  • Continue working on National Institute of Genealogical Studies courses. I have been doing this, but I am in need of some motivation to finish the last intermediate course. I started it in April and have one year to finish it. And I just am not feeling it. Hopefully I will finish it in January (of course I have said that since October.)
  • Attend monthly NGSQ study group chats. I started these and then decided they weren't for me. Too much nit-picking of the articles and not enough discussion of what made them good.
  • Figure out exactly where I want this blog to go. I did that, but then I think I decided to change it again.
  • Continue my monthly to-do lists and get others to participate. Dropped them around the end of the year and made seasonal goals instead. Hope to get back to them again.
  • Write more about my own research findings and family memories. Although I have done this, I really should have done more. Nobody knows about tracing my Eiswerth ancestors to Germany or all the wills that I found on microfilm. Need to work on this some more.
  • Comment on other genealogy blogs more. I have commented more, but reading genealogy blogs on my iphone makes it harder to comment. So depending on if I read something on my phone or my computer determines if I leave a comment.
  • Continue to gather family stories, photos and memorabilia. Done!
  • Convert grandfather's 8mm movies to DVD. Done! Except my family is taking too long to tell me what is on each reel so that I can make an insert to explain the videos.
  • Get husband to work on his own family tree some more. Does taking him to genealogy conferences and making him attend beginner's courses count? Also does giving up on him ever doing it and doing it myself count? Cause then I totally accomplished this.
I did better than I though this year. Of course I let the blog drop off at the end of the year. It was supposed to make me finish somethings, but I ended up just finding more to do. Hopefully 2011 will be even better!


  1. You did a lot better than I did.

  2. Tina, you had me with the first one. I'm completely in awe that you finished sourcing your whole database.

    Great year!