Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Family Tree Magazine's 40 Best Blogs - Voting Time!

I was delightfully surprised to find that my blog "Gen Wish List" had been nominated for Family Tree Magazine's 40 Best Blogs. That you to everyone and anyone who nominated me. There are so many wonderful blogs on the list that just being a part of it is an honor.

This blog is in the cemetery category, which is a little weird. But I think it has to do with my lack of blog posts besides Tombstone Tuesdays that I set up in January. It doesn't feel right to be in that category when I don't intend to so as many tombstone posts in the next year. But then I kind of think we should just vote for the 40 best blogs across all categories and then Family Tree Magazine can categorize them in their post. But maybe that is just me.

Please take some time and visit all the blogs that were nominated and then vote for your favorites.
Voting is open until 11:59 p.m. Monday, Dec. 20.

1. Please choose FIVE Blogs from the EVERYTHING category.

Clue Wagon, http://www.cluewagon.com/
Creative Gene, http://creativegene.blogspot.com/
Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter, http://www.eogn.com
Elyse's Genealogy Blog, http://elysesgenealogyblog.com/
Family History Tracing, http://familyhistorytracing.blogspot.com
footnoteMaven, http://www.footnoteMaven.com
Greta's Genealogy Bog, http://gretabog.blogspot.com/
Olive Tree Genealogy, http://olivetreegenealogy.blogspot.com
Relatively Curious About Genealogy, http://relativelycurious.blogspot.com
Roots and Rambles, http://rootsandrambles.blogspot.com/
SpittalStreet.com, http://www.spittalstreet.com
The Educated Genealogist, http://sherifenley.blogspot.com/
The We Tree Genealogy Blog, http://wetree.blogspot.com/
You Go Genealogy Girls, http://yougogenealogygirls.blogspot.com

2. Please choose FIVE blogs from the CEMETERIES category.

Cemetery Explorers
, http://cemeteryexplorers.blogspot.com/
Digital Cemetery Walk, http://digitalcemeterywalk.blogspot.com/
Escape to the Silent Cities, http://escapetothesilentcities.blogspot.com/
Gen Wish List, http://genwishlist.blogspot.com
Granite in My Blood, http://granite-in-my-blood.blogspot.com/
Gravestoned, http://gravestoned.blogspot.com
Over Thy Dead Body, http://stiffsandstones.blogspot.com/
The Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal, http://oj-graveyardrabbit.blogspot.com/
Tombstone Territory, http://tombstoneterritory.blogspot.com

3. Please choose FIVE blogs from the TECHNOLOGY category.

Ancestry Insider, http://ancestryinsider.blogspot.com
Dienekes' Anthropology Blog, http://dienekes.blogspot.com/
Family Oral History Using Digital Tools, http://familyoralhistory.us/news
Genealogy's Star, http://genealogysstar.blogspot.com/
GeneaNet Genealogy Blog, http://genealogyblog.geneanet.org/
JLog, http://www.jgen.ws/jlog/
MacGenealogy.org, http://www.macgenealogy.org/
MobileGenealogy.com, http://www.mobilegenealogy.com
Moultrie Creek Gazette, http://moultriecreek.us
Renee's Genealogy Blog, http://rzamor1.blogspot.com

4. Please choose FIVE Blogs from the HERITAGE GROUPS category.

Acadian & French-Canadian Ancestral Home, http://acadian-ancestral-home.blogspot.com
Anglo-Celtic Connections, http://anglo-celtic-connections.blogspot.com/
Black and Red Journal, http://www,blackandredjournal.blogspot.com
Donna's Ireland blog, http://moughty.com/Site/Ireland_Blog/Ireland_Blog.html
Geniaus, http://geniaus.blogspot.com
George Geder Evangelist for African Ancestored Genealogy, http://gedergenealogy.com/
Georgia Black Crackers, http://georgiablackcrackers.blogspot.com/
Help! The Faerie Folk Hid My Ancestors, http://irishfamilyresearch.blogspot.com/
Luxegen Genealogy, http://www.luxegen.ca
Of Trolls And Lemons, http://haugenhistory.blogspot.com/
Scottish GENES, http://scottishancestry.blogspot.com
The French Genealogy Blog, http://french-genealogy.typepad.com/genealogie/
The Knowles Collection, http://knowlescollection.blogspot.com/
The Scottish Emigration Blog, http://scottishemigration.blogspot.com/
Tracing the Tribe, http://tracingthetribe.blogspot.com/
Wandering and wondering (a'spaidsearachd agus a'me├▓rachadh), http://direcleit.blogspot.com

5. Please choose FIVE Blogs from the RESEARCH ADVICE/HOW-TO category.

a3Genealogy, http://a3Genealogy.blogspot.com
FamHist, http://famhist2.blogspot.com
Family History Research Tips, http://familyhistorytips.wordpress.com/
Gena's Genealogy, http://philibertfamily.blogspot.com/
Genealogy Tip of the Day, http://genealogytipoftheday.blogspot.com
NARAtions: The Blog of the United States National Archives, http://blogs.archives.gov/online-public-access/
Paula's Genealogical Eclectica, http://paulastuartwarren.blogspot.com/
Personal Past Meditations, http://www.thepersonalpast.com
Pollyblog, http://pk-pollyblog.blogspot.com
Shades of the Departed, http://www.shadesofthedeparted.com/
The Armchair Genealogist, http://www.thearmchairgenealogist.com
The Family Curator, http://www.thefamilycurator.com/

6. Please choose FIVE blogs from the LOCAL/REGIONAL RESEARCH category.

Alberta Family Histories Society Blog
, http://afhs.ab.ca/blog/page/3/
Brooklyn Historical Society Blog, http://brooklynhistory.org/blog/
California Genealogical Society and Library Blog , http://blog.californiaancestors.org/
Eastern Washington Genealogical Society Blog, http://ewgs-spokane.blogspot.com/
Grey County Historical Society, http://greycountyhs.blogspot.com/
Itawamba History Review, http://itawambahistory.blogspot.com/
Midwestern Microhistory, http://midwesternmicrohistory.blogspot.com/
MoSGA Messenger, http://mosga.blogspot.com/
My Ancestor's Name, http://myancestorsname.blogspot.com/
New York History, http://www.newyorkhistoryblog.com/
Sandusky History, http://sanduskyhistory.blogspot.com/
St. Vincent Memories, http://56755.blogspot.com
Utah Genealogical Association Blog, http://ugagenealogy.blogspot.com/
Virginia Historical Society Blog, http://vahistorical.wordpress.com/
Williams County, Ohio Genealogy, http://williamscountyohiogenealogy.blogspot.com

7. Please choose FIVE blogs from the NEW BLOGS category.

Adventures in Genealogy Education, http://www.genealogyeducation.blogspot.com/
Climbing My Family Tree, http://www.climbingmyfamilytree.com/
Have You Seen My Roots? http://haveyouseenmyroots.blogspot.com/
Heritage Zen, http://heritagezen.blogspot.com/
Journey to the Past, http://journeytothepastblog.blogspot.com/
My Tangled Vine, http://mytangledvine.blogspot.com
myirelandhome, http://myirelandhome.com/
Nolichucky Roots, http://nolichuckyroots.blogspot.com/
Old Stones Undeciphered, http://oldstonesundeciphered.blogspot.com/
Pursuits of a Desperate Genie, http://desperategenie.com/
Roots Traveler, http://www.rootstraveler.com/
Sassy Jane Genealogy, http://www.sassyjanegenealogy.blogspot.com
The Faces of my Family, http://thefacesofmyfamily.blogspot.com/
The Family Recorder, http://thefamilyrecorder.blogspot.com/
The Mashburn Collection, http://themashburncollection.com
The Scottish Emigration Blog, http://scottishemigration.blogspot.com/
The Turning of Generations, http://www.turning-of-generations.blogspot.com

8. Please choose FIVE Blogs from the MY FAMILY HISTORY category.

Ancestories: The Stories of My Ancestors, http://ancestories1blogspot.com
AtlasFamily.Org Blog, http://blog.atlasfamily.org
Begin With Craft, http://beginwithcraft.blogspot.com/
BeNotForgot, http://benotforgot.blogspot.com/
Circlemending, http://circlemending.blogspot.com/
Everything's Relative, http://genealogybycindy.blogspot.com
Finding Josephine, http://dionneford.wordpress.com/
Finding Our Ancestors, http://researchingoconnells.wordpress.com
Gene notes, http://geneanotes.blogspot.com/
Greta's Genealogy Blog, http://gretabog.blogspot.com/
Little Bytes of Life, http://www.littlebytesoflife.com
Mississippi Memories, http://www.mymississippimemories.blogspot.com
My Channel Island History, http://jerseymo2010.wordpress.com
Nutfield Genealogy, http://nutfieldgenealogy.blogspot.com
Reflections From the Fence, http://www.reflectionsfromthefence.com/
Slovak Yankee, http://mhollick.typepad.com/slovakyankee/
Tangled Trees, http://tangledtrees.blogspot.com/
The Accidental Genealogist, http://www.theaccidentalgenealogist.com/
The Internet Genealogist, http://shbwgen.blogspot.com/
TJLGenes: Preserving Our Family History, http://www.tjlgenes.blogspot.com/
Tonia's Roots, http://www.toniasroots.net/
TransylvanianDutch, http://transylvaniandutch.blogspot.com
West in New England, http://westinnewengland.blogspot.com/
What's Past is Prologue, http://pastprologue.wordpress.com


  1. Congrats Tina....I have already done my voting. Good luck.

  2. Congratulations on the nomination, Tina. And yes, this is totally going on my parents' coffee table.

  3. Congratulations, Tina! And I agree on the category thing - a good blog is a good blog. Well-deserved nomination whatever category.

  4. Congratulations! It is a well deserved nomination.

  5. Congrats! I am happy to vote for your blog!

  6. Congratulations, Tina. Well deserved, no matter the category!

  7. Congratulations, Your a good writer and it should be you, no doubt.