Monday, December 13, 2010

FGS back in Fort Wayne for 2013 and 2017

So I learned about the FGS conference being held in Fort Wayne again way back in September of 2009. But then I never saw any official announcement. Last week at the Allen County Genealogical Society of Indiana's monthly meeting, this article was shared about how the Allen County Public Library's Genealogy Center is boosting Fort Wayne's tourism industry.

I missed out on FGS the last time it was in Fort Wayne in 2007 because I started my genealogy research in the spring of 2008. So I'm really looking forward to not having to travel far to participate in a national conference. FGS has already booked the Grand Wayne Center for its 2013 and 2017 conferences.

The other great part of the article is that it calls Curt Witcher as "rock star".

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  1. Excellent news, Tina! I will definitely be there in 2013.