Wednesday, December 1, 2010

There's one in every family! - Opposites - COG 100

It's the final day for submissions to the 100th Carnival of Genealogy. Congratulations and a big thank you to Jasia for being a leader in the genealogy blogging community and coming up with 100 topics for everyone to write and read.

I wasn't sure what I was going to write about until yesterday while driving to work. I thought about the video my aunt gave me this summer of my grandparents' wedding day in the fall of 1946. My favorite part of the video is when my grandparents are standing for formal photos with my great-grandparents. On the one side are my Oma's parents. Her father is doing a jig, while his wife looks on slightly embarrassed, but laughing none the less. Now I thought about how we all have one member of our family who is goofy and doing weird things. But then I realized that that describes my entire family.

So then I thought about the other side of that video, my Opa's parents. While my great grandfather, Eugene Eck, is dancing and having a good time. Edward Eiswerth is standing straight and I'm pretty sure he's wondering what his son was thinking marrying into this crazy family. Don't we all have that one serious relative who refuses to join in the fun?

There's one set of opposites in every family. Enjoy the video below of the two sides of my family tree. (The fun starts at the 2 minute mark.)


  1. Fascinating video. How you must love having all this video of your family taken in 1946. I love the bridesmaids head dresses and the male comics.

  2. I love this video - you are so lucky to have it. And your great-grandfather definitely was a cut-up!

  3. Great video - your digitizing project was certainly worth it!

  4. I never thought of opposing personalities. Great choice and nice presentation. Bob

  5. Great post, loved the video!