Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Companion Blog - Mr. Gen Wish List

I've been meaning to start a blog about my husband's ancestors for a few months now. I finally got around to it and starting posting about some of his family lines. When we were at FGS in Knoxville this August, the geneabloggers called my husband Mr @genwishlist on twitter. So I thought it would make a good title for this new blog. You can now find the "Mr. Gen Wish List" blog at

The goal of this new blog is to write one post each week about one of the family groups in his family tree. Then I will add documents and other information about that family over the course of the week.

So far I have written about two of his families. The first was the family of Lewis ZIRGER and Regina DANNEMILLER. I included the passenger list for the family in another post. The second family was George HAUSMANN and Victoria ZIRGER and I also added their death certificates.

I'm hoping to use this new blog post format here on "Gen Wish List" as well. I already wrote about the family of Valentine BLITZ and Margaretha LUTZ and posted their daughter, Eva Catherine's baptismal record.

I'm sure that lots of people will contact me and tell me that they are related to my husband. They'll probably have lots of photographs, family bibles and documents to add to his tree. Since it's been easier to research his family tree compared to mine, I figure it will be easier to find cousins too.

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