Sunday, February 6, 2011

Interview with 1940 Census Enumerator

Last spring I came across the BackStory with the American History Guys podcast. The show takes a topic from today and gives it historical perspective across the history of the United States. This podcast entertained my husband and me on our trip to and from FGS this past summer.

The December show took a look at the census. A topic that interests all genealogists. What I found most interesting about this episode was the interview they did with one of the 1940 census enumerators. There is even an extended interview with Al Marquart, who got his census job after being unable to find work after finishing high school. I love that one of the reasons he was hired was because the supervisor could read his handwriting.

Check out the podcast and make sure you listed to the extended interview with Al Marquart. I'm sure it will get you excited about the 1940 census!

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