Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March Genealogy Goals

I haven't been posting my monthly genealogy goals. That is in part because I was putting off doing one thing on the list, but it's finally done!

So here are my genealogy goals for March 2011:
  • Finish scanning the slides that I borrowed from my grandma. This will allow me to get more at the beginning of April when I visit her again.
  • Work on adding metadata to my digital photos. This is something that I haven't really done yet and it needs done. I'm going to research a few metadata software choices and start working on this.
  • Work on husband's family lines in Alsace, France. (I found them in France, but I have to be in the right mood to deal with records in French. Two weeks of being sick in February didn't help.)
  • Work on my Norfolk, England ancestors. FamilySearch added more Norfolk images online and I need to search through them for my ancestors.
I also can't wait to start attending all the great webinars that are coming up in March. I'm also ready for April and my spring break research trip!

What are your March goals?


  1. I always use your monthly goals post to remind myself to define my goals. Of course minor things like WORK and TRAFFIC have made the last 2 months pretty much a wash!!

    I feel that March is a lucky month (my birthday!!) so here's to accomplishing our goals and having a good time at the webinars (provided boss doesn't come into my office)!!

  2. I plan to finish blog posts about my mother's life. continue to scan and organize family photos.