Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Grandpa Cited for Selling Inferior Potatoes

I found this newspaper clipping about my grandpa, Roy Suckling, in a tub of photos at my grandma's house. It's from a Cincinnati, Ohio newspaper circa 1953. I'm glad that it gave my grandfather's age so that I could date it. I wonder if there are any court files on this citation.

Cited To Court
On Charge of Improper Marking State Wars On Few Dealers

The state department of agriculture yesterday declared war on produce dealers who sell inferior potatoes.

Cited to court was Roy Suchling, 31, 4643 Carter Ave., driver for the Benny Mandel Produce Co., Water and Plum Sts. He is charged with hauling potatoes not properly marked under standards set up by the state board.

Suchling was trailed as he left the A. B. Corbin Co., Sycamore Street, returning potatoes that were not up to standard, reported John Roddy, chief inspector, and John Engle, district inspector.

Patrolmen James O'Brien and Kellie Angus made the citation. Suchling will be arraigned in police court this morning.

"Cincinnati has five or six produce dealers who try to get by." Roddy told City Prosecutor Robert Paul. "We are after them and they had better change their method of doing business. Other Cincinnati dealers abide by the standards."

Roddy added that five or six produce dealers sell at premium prices potatoes and other produce that are not standard grade.


  1. Don't you think they should cite the produce company and not the drivers? I hope that the court straightened it up for your grandfather.

  2. Unusual story and very interesting. It will make a nice addition to the flesh on the bones part of your family history! I did have to chuckle. I can't imagine the police in a large city today trailing a potato suspect.

  3. good artical, but what do they, the police think of being inferior potatoes...have you found what the standards were back then...

  4. Good find. These are the stories that make our ancestors human.

  5. A spud patrol...who would have thought? Interesting.