Thursday, June 16, 2011

Trip to Switzerland County, Indiana - Part 1

Last month I got my husband to take me on a research trip to Switzerland County, Indiana. All I had to do was take him to his ham radio convention. So you can tell already how much I wanted to go to Switzerland County.

As we crossed the border into Switzerland County, I told my husband (who was driving) to turn around so that I could get a picture of the sign. But he just gave me a look and kept driving. Then I informed him that I finally felt at home being close to where my ancestors lived. His response was "I hope not." Lucky for him I need high speed internet access to actually feel at home.

Our first stop was the Switzerland County Public Library. I used my camera to make copies of the relevant family files that they had.

Then we went to 3 area cemeteries to find my ancestors. Our first stop was the New Liberty Cemetery to find the Dunning family. We found most of them and some you could even read.

Then we went to two family cemeteries that were across the street from each other. Littlefield Cemetery had about 25 stones and Bovard Cemetery contained about 70. I'll write another post about our adventures here.

On the way out of the county, my husband was nice enough to let me get a photo of the Switzerland County welcome sign.

We spent the night in Cincinnati at my parents' house and then went to the radio convention the next day. It was a good trip and my husband even said that Switzerland County wasn't too far from my parents' house. Maybe I'll get another trip out of him someday. I mean I didn't even have time to explore the court house or research in Ohio County, Indiana.

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  1. It's always nice to get a research trip even if it is a little short sometimes:)

    I have family connections in Switzerland County, Indiana too. My direct ancestor, Isaiah Stewart was there for a time, then went to Jefferson County.