Friday, June 17, 2011

Trip to Switzerland County, Indiana - Part 2

Yesterday I posted about part of my trip to Switzerland County, Indiana last month. I promised to write more about my cemetery adventures, so here goes.

There are two family cemeteries across the street from each other in Cotton Township, Switzerland County. Most of my ancestors from the area are buried in those two cemeteries. On this trip, I wanted to map each cemetery on this trip and update the transcriptions that were published in 1982. The transcriptions were correct for the most part, but it was organized in alphabetical order and lost the relationships of where people were buried.

We got out of the car and I let my husband choose which task he wanted: to photograph the stones or map the cemetery. He chose mapping and I gave him some graph paper and he got out his clipboard, pencil and eraser and was ready to go. I also had copies of the previous cemetery reading. At each stone, we found the name in the old transcription and numbered it, added the number to the map and took a photograph.

We first went to Littlefield Cemetery, the smaller of the two.

Then we went across the street to Bovard Cemetery.

We were fairly successful. Of course the gravestones most deteriorated from the elements were my ancestors' stones. We found some new graves of people buried since the 1982 cemetery reading. We also found 2 stones of my ancestor's children that were not in the index. These stones had been broken and repaired. I'm guessing that they were underground in 1982 and therefore not found.

One of these stones was for Jane Bovard, daughter of Robert and Margaret Bovard. I didn't even know they had a daughter named Jane, but I should. I have an abstract of Robert's naturalization that states all his children. There was a missing comma between Martha and Jane and I had assumed that it was one daughter named Martha Jane. I was glad to add Jane to my database. We also found the stone for her brother John. I knew John died before the 1870 census, but I never found his grave. Now I have and he died in 1867.

I submitted the maps and indexes that we created to the Indiana Genealogical Society as a free database. I also added the photos that I took to Find A Grave.
Bovard Cemetery on Find A Grave
Littlefield Cemetery on Find A Grave

It was a great trip even though my husband turned into a redneck. (I forgot that he would need sunscreen.)

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