Saturday, August 27, 2011

12 Days of Family and Genealogy - Edward Charles Eiswerth Draft Postcards

This post is part of my series of the 12 days I spent with my parents visiting family and doing genealogy research.

While scanning my grandparents' photo albums, I came across some World War I draft cards for my great grandparents. Yesterday I shared the card for Eugene Eck along with some background information.

Here are the cards for Edward Charles Eiswerth.
In October 1918, Edward received notice that he was classified as 1A for the draft. 1A signified that he was available for unrestricted military service.
 In November 1918, he received another postcard with the same classification.
Edward was ordered to appear for a physical examination on 18 November 1918.

I don't know what happened after his exam. Although he had grown up on a farm and would have one of his own, at the time of the draft, he was working as a tire builder in East Palestine, Ohio. I assume that he was never called up in the draft to serve, since I have no evidence that he was involved in the military.

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