Friday, August 26, 2011

12 Days of Family and Genealogy - Eugene Eck Draft Postcards

This post is part of my series of the 12 days I spent with my parents visiting family and doing genealogy research.

While scanning my grandparents' photo albums, I came across some World War I draft cards for my great grandparents. Most people know that men had to register for the draft during WWI and WWII. They filled out cards with information (depending on the draft) about their birth dates, birth places, employer's information, next of kin, physical descriptions and more. What I found in my grandparents' collection was the postcards that the men received after they filled out the draft cards. The cards I found give the men their order number, serial number, and classification for the draft.

Here are the cards I found on Eugene Jerome Eck.
On 23 January 1918, Eugene was classified as Class 1A. This means he was available for unrestricted military service. In April 1918, his classification changed to 2C. 2C was given to men who were deferred from service due to an agricultural occupation. (Classification information from Wikipedia "Selective Service System" article.)

Eugene applied for the WWI draft on 5 June 1917. He listed his occupation as trucker and was self employed. He was working on his family's truck farm and was therefore in the agricultural business.

Tomorrow I'll post the cards on Edward Charles Eiswerth.

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