Wednesday, August 10, 2011

12 Days of Family and Genealogy - KGS Seminar with ESM

This post is part of my series of the 12 days I spent with my parents visiting family and doing genealogy research.

I'm going to start with the end of the trip. On Saturday, August 6, I traveled to Frankfort, Kentucky for the Kentucky Genealogical Society's annual seminar. The speaker was Elizabeth Shown Mills. This seminar was the reason I spent so many days with my parents. I could have gone back to Fort Wayne after we returned from Pennsylvania, but I figured I could get some research done if I stayed in Cincinnati instead of going home and coming right back.

Elizabeth Shown Mills was awesome as always. I heard her speak at FGS 2010 in Knoxville and I couldn't pass up a chance to hear her again (especially since she is not speaking at FGS 2011). I had heard one of the talks that she gave in Kentucky at FGS and it was worth hearing it again since she packs so much information into a short time and you can't even try to get it all in one dose.

Her talks were:
  • Genealogical Problem Solving: Professional Techniques for Everyday Sucess
  • Proving "Oral History": How to Find the Truth About a Family Story
  • In a Rut? 7 Ways to Jump-Start Your Research
  • The Genealogical Proof Standard: How to Build a Case When No Record States the Answer
Ms. Mills was even signing her books. I had her sign my copy of Evidence! Citation & Analysis for the Family Historian. I was too lazy to drag my copy of Evidence Explained around since I had already packed everything else I owned for the long trip.

Then Ms. Mills was kind enough to take her picture with the 3 geneabloggers who were in attendance.
Linda McCauley, Elizabeth Shown Mills, Tina Lyons, Deborah Andrew

One of the highlights of the day was spending time with fellow bloggers, Linda and Deborah. I was able to catch up with Linda McCauley from Documenting the Details. Linda and I met at FGS 2010 and it was wonderful to be together again. It was also great to meet Deborah Andrew from The Sum Of All My Research.

It was a wonderful end to my 12 days trip.

Photos courtesy of Linda McCauley.

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  1. Wow, Tina. I can't imagine hearing ESM give 4 talks in one day. My brain would be in overload. What an awesome experience!