Wednesday, August 10, 2011

12 Days of Family and Genealogy - Introduction

I returned home Sunday after 12 days spent with my parents. We spent a few days in Williamsport, Pennsylvania visiting my grandparents and extended family, taking tombstone photos and researching at the local genealogy society's library. Then I spent some more days staying at my parents' house near Cincinnati, Ohio and scanning photos, visiting a cemetery, and visiting grandma. On Saturday, I went to Frankfort, Kentucky to spend the day at the Kentucky Genealogical Society's annual seminar.

I'll be doing a series of blog posts about those 12 days. Posts will include:
I had a great time over those 12 days. No one went insane, but I have seen enough television to last me a few years.

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  1. I'm looking forward to this series. And I see your next post is about ESM...ooh.

    As for television...I crave being able to find a few minutes to sit down and watch a show, any show. I was thrilled to be able to watch Sponge Bob the other day!