Thursday, August 11, 2011

12 Days of Family and Genealogy - Scanning

This post is part of my series of the 12 days I spent with my parents visiting family and doing genealogy research.

My scanner was one of the major items that I had to pack for this trip. I was hoping to find more old photos in Pennsylvania and I scored! I was able to scan 3 albums from my grandparents house. Not only did they contain photos, but there were also a few documents. In another post I will write about the draft cards that I found.

On returning to Cincinnati, I visited my grandma and returned the boxes of slides that I had borrowed and pick up the last batch. My mom found this last batch the last time I was visiting (when I thought I was getting the last batch). Most of them are unlabeled and are probably just vacation pictures from my grandparents' many trips (which there in about 30 more boxes that I'm not scanning). But hopefully I'll find something interesting.
I also borrowed my dad's collection of slides. Luckily not all of these cubes are filled.

The one thing I like about scanning all of the family slides is that most of them are labeled better than the pictures and old movies that I have already digitized. Putting them all together gives me a better idea of when and where the photos were taken.

While I was at my parents, I also scanned 3 boxes of photos. Now I just need to organize and label them all. But I think I'll wait until I finish with the slides and have everything to compare.

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  1. Awesome! I've got lots and lots of albums, photos and slides, especially slides. It's slow going but rewarding to get them scanned; especially the slides.

    The FlipPal makes scanning the individual photos a whole lot easier.

    Have fun.