Sunday, August 21, 2011

12 Days of Family and Genealogy - Eiswerth Surname Book

This post is part of my series of the 12 days I spent with my parents visiting family and doing genealogy research.

One of my 2011 genealogy goals is to write a book about my Eiswerth surname. On my trip to Williamsport last summer, I was able to find mention of the town where the family originated in Bavaria. Then I was lucky to find that FamilySearch had an index to the Catholic Church records for that town. This summer I have been ordering microfilm from the Family History Library and finding the original records for the baptisms, marriages and burials of the Eiswerth family in Zeiskam, Bavaria.

I put together everything that I had so far and created the "preliminary edition" (husband named it that) of the Eiswerth surname book.

Here is the cover:

I shared this edition with the family while in Williamsport. They all really enjoyed it. My grandfather was amazed at how many details I had found and gotten right about the family. He told me that the 1927 Agricultural Census taken in Pennsylvania "sounded about right" for what the family was doing on their farm. Here is that part of the book:
"In 1927, Pennsylvania took a census of the agriculture in the state. At the time, Edward’s [Edward Charles Eiswerth]  farm had 100 acres, 35 of which were used for crops. He had 7 acres of grain, 8 acres of wheat, 5 acres of oats, and 2 acres of Irish potatoes. There were 100 apple trees bearing fruit, 25 young apple trees and 12 pear trees. He had 2 horses, 5 cows, 5 pigs, 50 chickens and 1 automobile."
Eventually I would like to publish it as a book, but I have so much more that I want to find and add to the lives of my ancestors. For example, I am waiting for the 1940 census (the last census my grandfather lived with his parents) and finding the family in ship passenger lists would be nice too.

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