Friday, September 9, 2011

FGS 2011 - Day 3

Day 3 of FGS 2011 started with Linda Woodward Geiger's "US territorial Papers, 1789-1873: Records of the Frontiersman." I'm going to check on these records when I return and see what I can find that relates to my ancestors in Indiana before statehood. Then I attended "Pioneer Genealogy: Tracing Your Ancestors on the Midwestern Frontier" with James Hanson. There was no projector set up and I realized when he started that there were no slides. But he had plenty of information to share and was engaging even without visuals. I'm going to look for some records on Indiana units in the Indian Wars soon. Next was Tim Pinnick's "Maximizing Your Reach: Research in University Libraries." This was an excellent talk that made me want to check what is available in university libraries in my area. A good tip is to become a friend of the library with a donation and take advantage of longer borrowing times and Interlibrary loans. After a quick lunch with my husband, I went back to the exhibit hall to check on the IGS table. My husband sat at the table while I wondered to the bloggers in the media hub. I kept checking and some people stopped by the booth. So I migrated back and saved hubs from their questions and got a few more members. Then I attended "Using Correlation to Reveal Facts That No Record States" by Tom Jones. I skipped the next session and hung out at the IGS table and talked to more potential members and also fellow board members. The last session of the day was Debra Miezala's "Lessons from a Snoop: Collaterals and Associates." She had many case studies that showed how to track down your ancestors by looking at those around them. Best part of the day: seeing my high school Spanish teacher. She followed me into the first session and asked if I had been her student. I didn't recognize her right away and checked her name badge. I went to school in Ohio and her name badge said she was from Indiana. So I figured she thought I was someone else, but then she mentioned Lakota and I remembered her name and face. Small world.

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