Tuesday, September 13, 2011

FGS 2011 - Husband Edition

Special thanks to my husband for allowing me to drag him to Springfield and the FGS 2011 conference.

Apparently touching Lincoln's nose is actually good luck because the husband was in a good mood for the whole trip. Here is a list of some of the things he did for me during the conference:
  • Attend the Old Fashioned Prairie Social (and let me have ice cream for dinner)
  • Take photos at the press conference
  • Drive me home late at night
  • Pick me up lunch
  • Pass out membership forms at the IGS table
  • Talk to genealogists
Now I have to let him get a sword at the Renaissance Festival. So maybe Lincoln didn't have anything to do with it.


  1. 3 Cheers for your hubby for being a good sport!! *You owe him!* (-:

  2. Whatever it takes, Tina! Whatever it takes! :)

  3. What a man!
    Im dragging my husband to Rootstech - I hope he'll be smiling after that.

  4. And he took our picture at the Social with several cameras.

  5. A sword and a free pass to The Mud Show for that man!

  6. Husband of the month material and in the running for husband of the year! But isn't a pin enough? He can't possibly want two sharp objects, can he?

  7. Your husband is a trooper. He won my genealogist heart when I saw him at the IGS table. He's earned that sword.