Monday, October 17, 2011

Watching Someone Analyze Your Blog Is Weird

Last Thursday I went to the Allen County Public Library to crash my friend Melissa's class on genealogy blogs. (You may remember Melissa from FGS. She was the one causing trouble and blaming it on me.) She told me on Wednesday that she was using my blog in her presentation. Very cool! The class discussed the different blogging platforms, where to find genealogy blogs, how to read blogs and what to write on your own blog. Melissa did a great job and hopefully inspired some new genealogy bloggers.

What I didn't realize was how weird it is to have someone discuss your blog. Melissa didn't just show my blog and say how awesome I am and move to the next blog. Oh no, she analyzed all the features on my blog. Here's where you can subscribe to Tina's blog. Here's where you can follow Tina's blog. Here's where you can see all the categories on Tina's blog. Here's the surname page on Tina's blog. Here's the archive on Tina's blog.

Looking at my blog and all the features of it on the big screen got me thinking.
  • Why was my archive set up on a weekly basis? That was find back in the beginning when there wasn't much time elapsed on the blog. But it makes more sense to set the archive by month now. 
  • Should my categories by listed by frequency (as they are now) or in alphabetical order? Or in a cloud (even if Melissa isn't a fan)?
  • When was the last time I updated my surnames page? And why haven't I set it up like on my husband's blog with the area where they lived?

So I went home from the class and did a little blog tweaking. Even the crasher learned something.

[It is also really fun to tweet while crashing a genealogy blog class. Then the presenter gets emails asking her what she's doing with other people's blogs.]


  1. People have asked me permission to use my blog for presentations. I would have loved to have been a fly-on-the-wall to hear what was said!

  2. I'm giving a talk on the same exact topic in Philadelphia on Wednesday night, so if anyone wants to let me use their blog, let me know! LOL

  3. I'm doing the same on my own blog next week. Glad I am far enough away that you can't crash and tweet about it!

  4. Tina, it would be very strange to have someone discuss your blog in your presence. Almost like a painting being critiqued in an art class -- though I'm sure your friend was much more gentle and generous than art teachers & students are.

    I like your blog better than your husband's....

    Donna, you can use my blog but I'm about to change the template to a narrower one and I'd like feedback if you use it.