Friday, November 18, 2011

7 Maiden Names, 1 Divorce, and 30 Deleted Ancestors

This week I started a new project focused on cleaning up my genealogy database. I'll explain what I'm doing in another post next week. Since that post was starting to get out of hand, I thought I would share what I found so far.

This week I went through all the people in my database without surnames. I also started adding source details for family histories that I used. Here's what happened:

I found the maiden names of 7 women in the following sources:
  1. Burial record with parents' names.
  2. Obituary citation on Find-a-Grave that led me to newspaper images on Ancestry.
  3. Texas marriage index.
  4. Published Massachusetts vital records.
  5. Marriage record already cited in database, but never recorded her maiden name.
  6. Ohio marriage record.
  7. Bible record that was again already citing the marriage but I never recorded the name.
I also:
  • Found divorce index for my great grandfather and his second wife.
  • Deleted one woman because I'm not sure if the will I have for her husband is actually for the right guy. Too many men with the same now in the area.
  • Deleted 29 names and my Mayflower connection when I realized that the "proof" in the family history was an old lady remembering a name in a book her grandmother had. I guess it's good that I found out before Thanksgiving.
It's amazing what you can find about your ancestors when you look at them again. Stayed tuned to hear the details of my new project.


  1. A great post. I understand completely. I'm going through my tree again and verifying citations. If it's not sourced it's going to be gone! Good luck and I look forward to your next post!

  2. I applaud you. It's hard to let go of some people, but if you want a correct tree, that's the way to go. One of these days, I'll do the same thing, and hope I find some good stuff in the process, like you did.

  3. Ouch...I usually keep them in the software and unlink their relationships. But then again, they usually don't get reconnected, because then they are floating in the ether! I agree with Barbara...I too applaud you!

  4. Inspirational post! I so need to do this.

  5. Cheering! Good for you.

    It just about broke my heart when I lopped off my entire New England ancestry last year. It's actually still on the tree, just not my ancestry since But I'm as positive as I'll ever be that my ancestor was born to another wife. I did so love those Avery, Breeds, Palmers and Denisons.

  6. Enjoyed your post. I needed a reminder to go back and look at what I have again. I've done that several times over the years and have always found something I missed the first time.
    I, too, have had to remove previously "loved" people from my database - not because they didn't exist but because they didn't really belong to me:-)