Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 Genealogy Resolutions - Review Time

It's the end of the year. So it's time to review last year's resolutions. Here were my 2011 genealogy resolutions:

Research Goal: Collect more original records. Included in this goal is ordering more microfilm from the Family History Library, visiting the Indiana State Library and visiting Switzerland County, Indiana. I also hope to visit Lycoming County, Pennsylvania again this year in order to improve my writing goal.
I started ordered microfilm of probate records in Indiana and then got bored with them. So I'll have to come back to them at some point. I was able to visit the Indiana State Library, Switzerland County, and Lycoming County this past year. I found lots of records to help me find my ancestors and hope to visit more repositories in 2012.

Writing Goal: Write a book about my surname line, Eiswerth. I was finally able to connect this family in Pennsylvania together and find them in Germany. This year I hope to gather the German parish registers, more tombstone photos, and other original records and publish them as a coffee table book for my family.

The prelimary edition of the Eiswerth family book was published and shared with family in August. I have since added more German church records, agricultural records, and photos to the book. I am waiting for the 1940 census before I decide if I want to make hard copies or keep it alive as a PDF.

I also started a book on my grandfather's military service. I just need to add some history to it and it should be done soon. Of course it would have been done awhile ago if I could find some motivation to finish it.
Scanning Goal: Scan all of the slides in my grandma's house. I knew that my grandpa had made a ton of slides, but I underestimated how many were there until I actually looked at them in December. There are 3 shelves full of slide boxes. I took home just the first shelf of 14 boxes. I'd like to turn each box into a video slide show and put them on DVD.
I never want to see another slide again. I finished all the slides at my grandma's house and then did all the slides that my parents had. I then organized all my photos and hopefully I will be able to find them now.

Education Goal: Continue National Institute for Genealogical Studies courses. I should be finishing the intermediate courses soon and then it's time for the advanced courses.

I finished the intermediate courses and all but one advanced course. 
Conference Goal: Although I want to go to every genealogy conference, I will definitely be attending the Indiana Genealogical Society conference in Indianapolis on April 16 and the Federation of Genealogical Societies conference in Springfield, Illinois in September. I have decided to skip the Ohio Genealogical Society conference in Columbus, Ohio because I wasn't too excited about this year's program lineup and I think a trip to the Indiana State Library is a better use of my time and money.

I had so much fun at FGS again this year. I'm working on the husband so I can go to Birmingham for FGS 2012. I was also able to attend the IGS conference and the Kentucky Genealogical Society's seminar with Elizabeth Shown Mills.

Blog Goal: Write more about my ancestors and start blogging about my husband's ancestors (more on that soon). I need to get into a better routine about writing up my genealogy finds before I continue my research.

 I started the Mr. Gen Wish List blog and scheduled a bunch of posts about his ancestors. So that side is taken care of for a while. I haven't found a good routine for writing about my ancestors yet but maybe that will change with my crazy organization goal for 2012.

So that's how I did on my 2011 genealogy resolutions. How did you do?


  1. Tina, great job on meeting your goals. I wish I could say I was close to any of mine (I think I met two of them).

    As for the NIGS classes, way to go. Only 1 advanced class left! Did you take all the extra's yet or is that what you need to do to finish it?

  2. Those are some amazing goals and you met them! You have a lot of patience to scan all those slides and photographs. Congrats! I'd love to take the NIGS classes some day.

  3. Congrats, Tina, on a great year! You set some pretty lofty goals and it sounds like you accomplished a lot. Especially to publish the book - that's something I have yet to try. Bet your family loved it. It was great to meet you at FGS this year!