Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Genealogy Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone! 2012 should be an exciting genealogy year with the release of the 1940 census and Pennsylvania death certificates! I hope that 2012 is a wonderful year for everyone and many brick walls come crumbling down.

Here are my genealogy resolutions for 2012:

Indiana Deed Records - I'm currently ordering the microfilm of deed books in Switzerland, Ohio, and Dearborn Counties in Indiana. I'm hoping that by tracking my ancestors' land I will learn more about their lives and possibly find a few hidden relationships. Last year I got bored with probate records, so let's hope that land records are more exciting.

Joseph Hillis Brick Wall - When I found the parents of George Hillis, I was so excited. That was until I found out that his father gave 5 places for his place of birth. I found the obituary for Joseph Hillis this fall. He died in Boone County, Kentucky but was buried in Rising Sun, Ohio County, Indiana. I'm hoping to find another obituary for him in the Rising Sun newspapers, particularly one that names his parents. I also need to make a trip to the Ohio County Historical Society and see what is in their Hillis family file (along with a few other families).

I've already written about my organization project. The short version is that I am checking for missing sources in my tree and looking for new sources that I didn't know about or were not available when I last worked on an individual. I just need to stay on track and clean up the entries for 5 ancestors every day.

"Publish" Eiswerth surname book - I'm not sure exactly what this means yet. Do I want a hard copy made and distributed to the family? Or do I want it kept as a digital format so that I can change it as I find new details? Either way I need to add some more photos and the 1940 census before its done.

"Publish" Grandpa's military service book - Last year I put all the documents that my grandpa saved from his WWII service into a Word document. I need to add some of his WWII photos and some history and then I will be done. Again the publishing question exists.

Write Bascom surname book - It's time to spend some time on grandma's line and share those stories with her. This should tie in nicely with the deed records project.

  • Indiana Genealogical Society's Conference, April 28, Fort Wayne, Indiana - featuring Debra Mieszala (Full disclosure: I'm Vice President of IGS and on the conference committee. Details should be coming soon.)
  • National Genealogical Society's Conference, May 9-12, Cincinnati, Ohio (I'll be running the IGS booth and receiving the complimentary registration that goes with the booth fee.)
  • Summer conferences and institutes are all maybes right now. It depends on what I can con my husband into letting me get away with. I will be choosing at least one:
    • Midwestern Roots, July 20-21, Indianapolis, Indiana
    • FGS, August 29-September 1, Birmingham, Alabama
    • GRIPitt, July 22-27, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
National Institute for Genealogical Studies - I finished the American record series in 2011. I just have the Analysis and Skills advanced course to complete to finish the methodology series. Then I need to do some electives to meet the 40 course requirement for the certificate. I'm probably going to take the English record series for my electives. I hope to get most of the way complete by the end of 2012.

I didn't do too bad on my 2011 resolutions and I hope to accomplish even more this year. This fall I decided to stop being a substitute teacher. Right now, I'm a full time make breakfast, clean the house and make dinner wife. So this year I also hope to pick up a few genealogy related jobs to pay for my hobby and develop my skills for a possible future career in genealogy.

These are my resolutions. What are yours?


  1. I didn't realize that you were working on the American Records certificate, too! Or, maybe I forgot. Either way, I'm glad to know that there is another among us! I'm working on ASM1, Methodology 3, and an elective right now. Here's hoping I can finish all but elective courses in 2012. Great goals!

  2. Sounds like a great plan. I wish I could be this organized! I so wish I could afford to go to the National conference in Cincinnati. How often in my life will it be 50 miles from my home? I am hoping to at least be able to visit the vendor's booths. Maybe I will see you there! :)