Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cleaning Up The Letter L

I've started a project cleaning up my database. Whenever I finish a letter of the alphabet, I'll write a blog post to report about what I learned about the surnames that start with that letter.

Last month Kathryn Lake Hogan from Looking4Ancestors wrote a blog post detailing how to access the newly digitized Upper Canada Land Patents from the Library and Archives Canada website. Having one branch of my family tree from Ontario and half of that branch being Loyalists, I had a bunch of land patents to download and enter into my genealogy database. Previously I had used the index and knew that many of my ancestors had received land from the Crown, but now I had access to the images.

I spent a few weeks gathering all the land patents relevant to my family lines and just in time for organizing the letter L, I found this:
Genealogy happy dance! A list of Peter Lampman's children to October 1796, including their birth years. Of course, the daughter I descend from was born around 1798 so she missed the list. I was able to find land patents for all of these children, plus my ancestor Mary Magdalene Lampman and another sister Ann.

Armed with birth dates, I was able to find two of the brothers in the Canadian censuses. I'm sure more of them were in there, but I didn't have enough information to connect them.

So after weeks of boring letters and not finding anything exciting, the letter L comes through. Next is M and then I'm halfway through the alphabet. But M is going to take awhile with the Matthews, McGarvey, and Morse families.

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