Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Midwest Geneabloggers and the Sword Man

Everyone that has met me at a conference knows that I drag my husband along with me. Then I make him do crazy things like get me lunch and work the Indiana Genealogical Society table.

One day he found out via Twitter that I was hosting a party for geneabloggers in the Midwest. Then the number of people coming started increasing. Then he started buying things and telling me that I owed him, which I totally did. Then he told me he would use his sword to keep everyone out.

So I told our guests that there my husband would be playing bouncer at the door with his sword. I don't think they really believed me. But this is how they were welcomed into our home (mostly because Harold Henderson wouldn't enter without seeing the sword).
Photo by Lisa Ellam

He thought he was so scary, but everyone else thought it was hilarious and made him pose.

Photo by Diana Ritchie

Photo from Lisa Ellam

Afterwards, he fled upstairs and hung out with his friend Jack.
So thanks to my husband for letting me and 15 other genealogy bloggers take over our home for a night. (And for helping to clean the house).

Disclaimer: No geneabloggers were harmed during the meetup. But everyone had a ton of fun.


  1. Truly a ton of fun. And your husband was a showstopper! I wonder if weapons will become a requirement for our meetups? If we ever do a western theme I can borrow a bull whip.

  2. Absolutely Green with envy! It's always a good time when geneabloggers get together!

  3. Tell Mike I found him terrifying. Don't want him to think we didn't appreciate his scariness! :)

  4. Thanks to Mike for sharing you and your house with us. I had a great time.

  5. Hmmm..."drag my husband along with me"...not a bad idea, Tina! I'll have to think about that. ;)

  6. He was the best-natured swordsman I've ever met! (actually, he's probably the only swordsman I've ever met :)

  7. Forget the sword. I like the part about helping you clean up. What a guy! Thanks for a great weekend.

  8. He was such a good sport - and it was an awesome party!! Thanks to you BOTH!!