Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cleaning Up The Letter M

I've started a project cleaning up my database. Whenever I finish a letter of the alphabet, I'll write a blog post to report about what I learned about the surnames that start with that letter.

I thought the Ms would never end. Which means the letter S will go on forever and ever. You would think with all the M surnames in my family tree that I would have found something exciting. But not really.

I did manage to add more marriage records to the Matthews family. When FamilySearch originally released the Ohio County marriage collection, it did not include Gallia County. I was able to find images for most of the Matthews marriages, but there are still a few that I'm missing. Maybe they never got married, or it wasn't recorded, or they married in another state. 

The marriage record for my 4th great grandparents has me reevaluating my records. A family history gave Thomas Russell Matthew's wife's name as Susan Roath. The marriage record gives it as Susan Booth. I know I shouldn't trust the family history over the marriage, but there are both Roaths and Booths in Gallia County, Ohio when they married in 1839. No Booth family has a female Susan's age in the 1830 census, but a Roath family does. I searched the Gallia County books at ACPL, but I didn't find any mention of Susan in probate records for Roaths or Booths. I'll have to check deed records at some point to see if I can find the connection. 

That's about all I found in the letter M. Only 9 Ns to organize, so I'll probably finish them tomorrow.

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  1. I became interested/intrigued in your blog because of your locality...I'm a NW Ohio girl myself from right across the state line (Defiance, Williams, Paulding Co.) prior to moving to NY state. But now to find out that you have southern Ohio, specifically Gallia County roots as well? I know my Gallia Co. family did a lot of venturing to Lawrence Co. and Cabell Co., WV, maybe you'll find something there. Good luck!