Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Favorite Things in Cincinnati

Many genealogists will be heading to Cincinnati next week for the National Genealogical Society's annual conference. Having grown up in the Cincinnati suburbs, I thought I would share a few of my favorite things in the Cincinnati area.

Cincinnati Chili
Make sure to try some spectacular Cincinnati style chili while in town. Who cannot love something topped with a ton of cheese? Plus you have to want something that uses chocolate as a spice. My mom keeps me stocked up on cans on Skyline Chili.

Grater's Ice Cream
Grater's ice cream made 2 gallons at a time with a French pot process. Make sure you get a flavor with "chocolate chips." They pour melted chocolate into the ice cream while it's churning and it makes such wonderful, giant chunks of chocolate. I love black raspberry chip (and most of the other flavors). If you can't make it to Cincinnati, they will ship you pints or you might find it in your local store.

Jungle Jim's
With a tag line like "A Foodie's Paradise," Jungle Jim's International Market goes far beyond a normal grocery store. Jungle Jim's is a must stop on every visit to Cincinnati for me. I have to stock up on all my favorite crazy foods. It is definitely worth the trip just to experience it once.

Spring Grove Cemetery
Spring Grove Cemetery is a beautiful, old, park-like cemetery in Cincinnati. The first internment was in 1845 and contains over 150 years of Cincinnati history. Take a drive or walk through the cemetery and experience some of the great monuments. And if you have relatives buried in Spring Grove Cemetery, they have their records online. (I just wish more of my "rotating Cincinnati ancestors" had ended up there.)

I can't wait to visit my grandma while I'm in town. But she would probably think it was odd to have a bunch of genealogists show up at her house. She already thinks I'm weird enough for wanting to hang out in cemeteries.

I'm looking forward to seeing lots of friends again and meeting new ones. I'll be in charge of the Indiana Genealogical Society's booth. So if you can't find me anywhere else, check there.


  1. Tina, Thanks for this great list. I had my first black raspberry chocolate chip Graeter's ice cream when I was in Cincy back in's the ONE thing I absolutely will not miss! (My Wersel family lived not far from there in Hyde Park from its inception). Spring Grove Cemetery is not only a cemetery but an arboretum as well. I have lots of family there and can't wait to get back. Looking forward to see you at NGS2012!

  2. Is Grater's located withing walking distance of the hotel? What are your favorites at Jungle Jim's. I love a good food store. See you there.