Saturday, January 26, 2013

Frank A HAEFNER and Eva Catherine BLITZ family

Frank Alselm HAEFNER was born 27 July 1853 in Baden. He was the son of Franz Simon HAEFNER and Eva Barbara MULLAR. He, along with 2 sisters, immigrated to the United States.

Frank A HAEFNER married Eva Catherine BLITZ on 22 July 1879 at St. Boniface Church in Williamsport, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania.

Eva Catherine BLITZ was born 27 October 1857 in Williamsport. She was the daughter of Valentine BLITZ and Margretha LUTZ. She was baptized on 1 November 1857 at St. Boniface Church.

Frank was a tailor and worked in their home, with his wife's help.

Frank died on 25 November 1933 in Williamsport. His wife, Catharine, died on 25 February 1939 in Williamsport. They were buried in St. Boniface Cemetery.

Frank and Catharine had 10 children. All of the children were born in Williamsport and baptized at St. Boniface Church:
  1. Frank Joseph HAEFNER (22 Jul 1880 - 25 Sep 1968) married Helena P BETZ (22 Mar 1883 - 17 Nov 1961).
  2. Mary Margaret HAEFNER (30 Jun 1882 - 15 Feb 1979) married Frank Fred SCHMIDT (12 Sep 1881 - 11 Jun 1949).
  3. Frank Simon HAEFNER (9 Jul 1884 - Nov 1968) married ANNA ROTHENBECKER (21 Nov 1886 - ?).
  4. Anna Wilhelmina HAEFNER (24 Jun 1889 - 5 Jan 1977) married Lawrence John RITTER (2 Oct 1884 - 1 Apr 1970).
  5. Herbert Edward HAEFNER (16 Mar 1891 - 11 Dec 1973) married Josephine HOELFNER (18 Dec 1888 - Mar 1975).
  6. John Alexander HAEFNER (28 Mar 1892 - 1 Jan 1988) married Elizabeth C HOCHREITER (11 Nov 1895 - 25 May 1984).
  7. Magdalena H HAEFNER (7 Oct 1893 - 2 Jan 1975) married Eugene Jerome ECK (23 Mar 1893 - 2 Jan 1975).
  8. Eleanor Margaretha HAEFNER (21 Feb 1895 - 5 Dec 1972) married John Walton ECK (15 Oct 1895 - 23 Jul 1975).
  9. Carl Vincent HAEFNER (22 Jan 1897 - 20 Aug 1979) married Anastasia M MAYAN (6 Sep 1896 - 30 Nov 1971).
  10. Eva Catharine HAEFNER (4 Apr 1898 - 7 Aug 1898)
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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Indiana Genealogical Society Conference - 27 April 2013

The Indiana Genealogical Society will be holding its annual conference at the Monroe County Public Library in Bloomington on Saturday, 27 April 2013.

This year's featured speakers is D. Joshua Taylor. He will be presenting:
  • Forward Ho! Beginning Midwestern Research
  • Creating Your Family History Website
  • Online Resources for Colonial America
  • New Tools and Ideas in Research
A second track features Curt Witcher, Harold Henderson and Lou Malcomb:
  • Cemeteries and Maps - Lou Malcomb
  • Mining the Mother Lode: Using Periodical Literature for Genealogical Research - Curt Witcher
  • Probate Will Not Be The Death of You - Harold Henderson
  • Land and Property: The Records No Genealogist Can Do Without - Harold Henderson
The conference is only $30 for IGS members and $40 for non-members. You can register online or print out the registration form at

IGS currently has 957 databases on its website covering all 92 counties, so if you have Indiana ancestors, you should consider joining.

I'm looking forward to a great conference in April and hope to see some of you there.

Disclosure: I'm the Vice President of the Indiana Genealogical Society.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

John J Eck and Theresa Bank family

John Jeremiah Eck was born in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania on 19 June 1857. He was the 4th of 13 children born to William Eck and Lucetta Swoyer. After being raised in Limestone township, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, he moved to Williamsport, Pennsylvania by 1886.

On 14 June 1887, John J Eck married Theresa Bank in Danville, Montour County, Pennsylvania.

Theresa was the third daughter of 7 daughters born to Johannes Bank (VonBank in Germany) and Urusula Weiss, born 8 December 1858. Theresa had grown up in Union County and Montour County, Pennsylvania. Theresa moved to Williamsport, Pennsylvania where she worked as a domestic servant in the 1880s before being married.

John J Eck later owned a truck farm with his sons in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

Theresa died on 13 February 1927 in South Williamsport. She was 68 years old. John J Eck died 8 July 1935 in South Williamsport. He was 78. They were buried in Mount Carmel Cemetery in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

Their children were:
  1. Irene Elizabeth Eck (22 Jun 1890 - 21 Feb 1952)
  2. Eugene Jerome Eck (23 Mar 1893 - 2 Jan 1975) married Magdalena Haefner.
  3. John Walton Eck (15 Oct 1895 - 23 Jul 1975) married Eleanor Haefner.
  4. Clyde Augustus Eck (10 Dec 1898 - 13 May 1973) married 1st Margaret Kaiser (1903 - 7 Jan 1964) and 2nd Margaret Smelik (14 Mar 1920 - 19 Jul 2007).
  5. Horace William Eck (24 Dec 1902 - 6 Oct 1992) married Odilla Margaret Hamm (9 May 1902 - 18 Apr 1974).

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Eiswerth Family Story Book Project

I spent 2012 gathering family stories from my dad and his brothers and sisters. I previously wrote about the process in three posts:
For most weeks between January and September, I requested stories from my family. The project evolved over the year from attempting to fill in the holes in my grandmother's stories to asking my family to write any story they had about a certain topic. It was great to see how one person's stories made the others remember other things about their childhoods.

Each week I edited the stories submitted that week together and sent it back to my family for review. Sometimes I would get a few corrections or even a few more stories. By the fall, I had 29 Word documents that needed to be corralled into chapters and finally into a book.

In the end, I had a 100 page book with 15 chapters. The chapters were:
  1. The Eiswerth Family (summaries of the main characters in the book)
  2. Eiswerth Homes
  3. Eiswerth, Reeder and Shaw (my grandfather's construction company)
  4. Running the Eiswerth Home (stories of my grandmother's struggles raising 7 children, gardening and cleaning)
  5. School
  6. Fun and Games
  7. Spring
  8. Summer
  9. Fall
  10. Winter
  11. Childhood Trouble (yes they needed a whole chapter for this)
  12. Illnesses and Injuries
  13. Pets (also know as dinner)
  14. Other Stories
  15. Sayings (a list of things my grandparents said to their children and when they said them)
I used to publish the book and sent my family a private link in order to order as many copies as they wanted. Since this book is about the living, I didn't want to make it available to the masses. Plus, if you're not in my family you might get nightmares from reading the stories (as my husband tells me that he has after editing the book).

I've received many positive comments about the book. My grandmother read stories that she had never heard before and I'm sure some of the children will be in trouble the next time they see her. My aunt says that I know too much about the family now. And my cousins are excited to read the stories and can't stop reading. I'm glad that I took the time last year to preserve these stories for years to come.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Enos Kavcic and Apolonia Albrecht Family

Enos Kavcic was born 10 August 1856 in Austria. He married Apolonia Albrecht about 1887. Apolonia was born 9 February 1859 in Austria and was the daughter of Herman and Mary Albrecht. They had two daughters in Austria, Mary and Helena, before deciding to come to the United States.

Enos immigrated to America in June of 1892 (according to his naturalization record). Apolonia arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on 15 December 1893 aboard the ship "Pennsylvania".

Enos and Apolonia lived on the Ohio and Pennsylvania border. They lived in East Palestine, Columbiana County, Ohio when their son Charles Carl Kavic was born in 1894. Their other four children were born in Pennsylvania, where the family lived in Darlington Township, Beaver County.

Their two oldest children would arrive in New York City on 14 December 1902, 9 years after their mother immigrated.

Enos died on 19 October 1908. Apolonia married a man named Frank Kavcic on 25 April 1910 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. No relation has been found between Enos and Frank.

In the 1910 census, Apolonia and Frank are living together in Beaver County, Pennsylvania with Apolonia's 5 youngest children. This census is also the first time that a variation of the Couchie surname is used. Apolonia would later use Couchee, her son Frank would use Couche, and the rest of the family used Couchie. Their Americanized surname does not appear to be used during Enos' lifetime.

Apolonia moved with her children to East Palestine. She later lived at the Little Sisters of the Poor home in Cleveland, Ohio. She died on 3 September 1945 in Cleveland. They were both buried at St. Mary's Cemetery in East Palestine.

Their children were:
  1. Mary (18 Dec 1889-20 Jan 1967) married Jacob Trobec.
  2. Helena (5 Apr 1891-27 Mar 1916) married Frank Bogatay.
  3. Charles Carl (6 Sep 1894-24 Mar 1980) married Stella Viola Tyson.
  4. Jean (29 Dec 1896-16 Nov 1958) married Antony Brelih.
  5. Anna (25 Jun 1898-8 Apr 1993) married George Bernard Schulz.
  6. Angela Catherine (21 May 1900-16 Sep 1969) married Edward Charles Eiswerth.
  7. Frank Martin (21 Sep 1902-28 Jun 1969) married Alice Veronica Kegelmyer.
I love to hear from cousins. If you are related to this family, send me an email at I'm happy to share my sources and collaborate on this family.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Lewis Marcus Eiswerth and Maria Dincher Family

Lewis Marcus Eiswerth (or Eiswirth in Bavaria) was born 25 May 1849 in Schoenenberg, Bavaria to Ludwig Eiswerth and Theresia Westrich. He immigrated to America in the 1860s along with 3 of his brothers (possibly more since I keep finding another one ending up in the US). Lewis and his brothers were not the first of the family to move to Lycoming County, Pennsylvania. His paternal grandparents, 2 uncles and aunt also immigrated in the 1840s, while Lewis' father and uncle, Marcus, remained in Bavaria.

In the 1870 census, he is living in Williamsport, Pennsylvania with his American born cousin, Lewis/Lawrence Eiswerth's family and his brother Jacob.

He married Maria Dincher on 7 May 1871. Maria was the oldest child of Michael F Dincher and Maria Schilling and was born 24 June 1850 in Pennsylvania.

Lewis was a farmer and his family lived in Limestone Township, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania. Maria died on 5 April 1926 and Lewis died almost 2 years later on 28 March 1928. They were both buried in Immaculate Conception Cemetery in Limestone Township.

Their children:
  1. Charles Jacob Eiswerth (12 Sep 1873 - 13 May 1916) married Mary A Leuze.
  2. John Edward Eiswerth (14 Oct 1875 - 9 Oct 1937) married Charles Henry Dorwart.
  3. Maria Elizabeth Eiswerth (9 Sep 1877 - 1 Dec 1966)
  4. Theresa Catharina Eiswerth (3 Mar 1880 - 11 Apr 1884)
  5. George Michael Eiswerth (25 Mar 1882 - 18 Mar 1950) married Esther Anna Russell.
  6. Edward Charles Eiswerth (22 June 1885 - 7 Mar 1949) married Angela Catherine Kavcic (anglicized to Couchie).
  7. August Peter Eiswerth (29 Aug 1887 - 8 Apr 1926)
  8. Agnes Cecilia Eiswerth (4 Oct 1890 - 17 Jul 1983)
I love to hear from cousins. If you are related to this family, send me an email at I'm happy to share my sources and collaborate on this family.