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Lewis Marcus Eiswerth and Maria Dincher Family

Lewis Marcus Eiswerth (or Eiswirth in Bavaria) was born 25 May 1849 in Schoenenberg, Bavaria to Ludwig Eiswerth and Theresia Westrich. He immigrated to America in the 1860s along with 3 of his brothers (possibly more since I keep finding another one ending up in the US). Lewis and his brothers were not the first of the family to move to Lycoming County, Pennsylvania. His paternal grandparents, 2 uncles and aunt also immigrated in the 1840s, while Lewis' father and uncle, Marcus, remained in Bavaria.

In the 1870 census, he is living in Williamsport, Pennsylvania with his American born cousin, Lewis/Lawrence Eiswerth's family and his brother Jacob.

He married Maria Dincher on 7 May 1871. Maria was the oldest child of Michael F Dincher and Maria Schilling and was born 24 June 1850 in Pennsylvania.

Lewis was a farmer and his family lived in Limestone Township, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania. Maria died on 5 April 1926 and Lewis died almost 2 years later on 28 March 1928. They were both buried in Immaculate Conception Cemetery in Limestone Township.

Their children:
  1. Charles Jacob Eiswerth (12 Sep 1873 - 13 May 1916) married Mary A Leuze.
  2. John Edward Eiswerth (14 Oct 1875 - 9 Oct 1937) married Charles Henry Dorwart.
  3. Maria Elizabeth Eiswerth (9 Sep 1877 - 1 Dec 1966)
  4. Theresa Catharina Eiswerth (3 Mar 1880 - 11 Apr 1884)
  5. George Michael Eiswerth (25 Mar 1882 - 18 Mar 1950) married Esther Anna Russell.
  6. Edward Charles Eiswerth (22 June 1885 - 7 Mar 1949) married Angela Catherine Kavcic (anglicized to Couchie).
  7. August Peter Eiswerth (29 Aug 1887 - 8 Apr 1926)
  8. Agnes Cecilia Eiswerth (4 Oct 1890 - 17 Jul 1983)
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