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William ECK and Lucetta SWOYER family

William Eck was born 20 Feb 1823 in Berks County, Pennsylvania. He was the son of Joseph Eck and Mary Bauer.

William married Lucetta Swoyer on 1 June 1850 in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania. Lucetta was born 26 August 1830 in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania. She was the daughter of John Anthony Swoyer and Elizabeth Arnold.

William and Lucetta lived in Limestone Township, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania.

William died on 5 Oct 1900. Lucetta died on 6 Mar 1905. They were both buried at Imaculate Conception Cemetery in Bastress, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania.

William and Lucetta had 13 children:
  1. Mary Joanna Eck (18 Oct 1851 - 28 Feb 1945) married John Dietrick (Oct 1846 - ?).
  2. Joseph Eck (15 Apr 1853 - 1936) married Mary Blank (Aug 1860 - 1945).
  3. Elizabeth Eck (19 Nov 1854 - ?).
  4. John Jeremiah Eck (19 Jun 1857 - 8 Jul 1935) married Theresa Bank (8 Dec 1858 - 13 Feb 1927).
  5. Lucitta Eck (Mar 1859 - 17 Mar 1859).
  6. Maria Eck (Mar 1859 - 10 Mar 1859).
  7. Agnes C Eck (Mar 1859 - 1942) married Simon P Neyhart (Jul 1853 - 1916).
  8. William Henry Eck (Jan 1863 - abt 1929) married Julia Ann Steppy (Jun 1870 - 27 Jan 1960).
  9. George Pius Eck (May 1864 - 9 Jun 1935) married Flora Elizabeth Steppe (Dec 1873 - 19 Nov 1958).
  10. Willie A Eck (abt 1866 - ?).
  11. Stephen F Eck (May 1869 - 1945) married Mary Theresa (May 1875 - 1959).
  12. Albert Eugene Eck (29 Mar 1873 - ?) married Anna J (Feb 1875 - ?).
  13. Abraham Augustus Eck (27 Mar 1876 - ?).
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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Herman ALBRECHT and Mary family

Herman ALBRECHT and Mary (surname unknown) are the names given as the parents of Apolonia ALBRECHT who married Enos KAVCIC.

Their only known child is:
  1. Apolonia ALBRECHT born 9 Feb 1859 in Austria. She married Enos KAVCIC in 1887 in Austria. She immigrated to the United States in 1893. After her husband's death, she married Frank KAVCIC on 25 Apr 1910 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Apolonia died on 3 September 1945 in Cleveland, Ohio.
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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Michael F DINCHER and Maria SCHILLING family

Michael F Dincher was born 18 January 1825 in Prussia. He was the son of Franz Dincher and Maria Zimmberger.

Michael married Maria Schilling on 20 Nov 1848. Maria born 6 January 1829 in Bavaria to Johann Diabold Schilling and Maria Kym.

Michael and Maria lived in Limestone Township, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania.

Michael died on 2 November 1897. Maria died on 2 Nov 1903. They were both buried in Immaculate Conception Cemetery in Bastress, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania.

Michael and Maria had 9 children:
  1. Maria Dincher (24 Jun 1850 - 5 Apr 1926) married Lewis Marcus Eiswerth (25 May 1849 - 28 Mar 1928).
  2. Margaretha Dincher (9 Aug 1852 - 21 Mar 1889) married Nicholas Schuler (7 Sep 1830 - 2 Apr 1894).
  3. Johann Jacob Dincher (5 Oct 1854 - 20 Jun 1877).
  4. Elisabetha Dincher (24 Dec 1857 - 7 Jan 1906).
  5. Maria Magdalena Dincher (22 Jan 1861 - 20 Apr 1946) married George A Dietrich (10 Jun 1858 - 24 Oct 1931).
  6. Katharina Dincher (2 May 1863 - 9 Feb 1894) married Aloysius F Steinbacher (13 Oct 1846 - 10 Feb 1924).
  7. Barbara Dincher (23 Feb 1866 - 5 Sep 1942) married Louis Ulsamer (1858 - 5 Jan 1937).
  8. Francis Adam Dincher (11 Jul 1868 - 7 Feb 1937) married Susanna Catherine Bender (31 Aug 1873 - 25 Apr 1965).
  9. Peter Michael Dincher (26 Jul 1871 - 28 Aug 1950).
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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Ludwig EISWERTH and Theresia WESTRICH family

Ludwig Eiswerth was born 28 March 1820 in Zeiskam, Bavaria. He was the son of Peter Anton Eiswerth and Apollonia Benz. He was baptized on 29 March 1820.

Ludwig married Theresia Westerich on 20 August 1843 in Schoenenberg, Bavaria. Theresia was born 11 May 1822 in Bruecken, Bavaria to Jacob Westrich and Anna Margaretha Huber.

Theresia died on 3 Mar 1902 in Kuebelberg, Bavaria. Ludwig died on 29 April 1909 in Kuebelberg, Bavaria.

Ludwig and Theresia had 11 children, all born in Schoenenberg, Bavaria:
  1. Charles Eiswerth (20 Oct 1844 - 5 Apr 1847).
  2. Gertrude Eiswerth (2 Apr 1847 - 23 Nov 1906) married Johann Weisgerber.
  3. Lewis Marcus Eiswerth (25 May 1849 - 28 Mar 1928) married Maria Dincher (24 Jun 1850 - 5 Apr 1926).
  4. Jacob Eiswerth (12 Jun 1851 - 3 May 1931) married Rebecca Engel (28 Jul 1854 - 20 Dec 1924).
  5. Heinrich Eiswerth (12 Jun 1851 - 8 Jul 1851).
  6. Charles Eiswerth (21 Se 1853 - 1943) married Mary Elizabeth (Sep 1868 - 1932).
  7. Elizabeth Eiswerth (19 Jun 1856 - ?) married Ludovico Jung.
  8. Charlotte Eiswerth (11 Jul 1858 - ?).
  9. Heinrich Eiswerth (19 May 1860 - 12 Jul 1941) married Anna Maria Muller (19 Feb 1869 - 19 Mar 1932).
  10. Marcus (Mark) Eiswerth (5 Feb 1863 - 1 Jan 1948) married 1st Farina (Apr 1867 - ?) and 2nd Dora Travis (Sep 1864 - 16 Jul 1933).
  11. Theresia Eiswerth (26 Nov 1866 - 4 Jun 1932) married Jacob Braun (9 Jan 1860 - 22 Apr 1935).
Four sons of Ludwig and Theresia immigrated to Lycoming County, Pennslyvania. They were Lewis Marcus,  Jacob, Charles and Marcus (Mark).

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Friday, March 8, 2013

Opa's Eulogy

I didn't realize when I put together my photo tribute to my grandfather that I would be asked to give his eulogy. My aunts put one together for me, but I added some of the stories that I had collected about him and made it my own.

Below is the eulogy that I read on Tuesday, March 5, 2013 at the funeral of Joseph Francis Eiswerth at St. Boniface Catholic Church.

(Photo taken in 1939. Deer head was mounted and hangs in my parents' home.)

Our family would like to thank all of you who came out today to honor Joe. We appreciate, too, all of your comforting words and many kindnesses toward us during this difficult time. Thank you. Joseph Francis Eiswerth was my grandfather and he was always Opa Joe to me.

Those who knew my Opa well, would know that he would be embarrassed by a lot of fanfare and praise. He was a simple man, a humble man, who is probably muttering right now, "Let's get this over with!"

We loved him and all his simple ways. He was a man whose faith in God and his church was strong. A man who was proud of his wife and family too.

Opa would never say no to anyone asking a favor of him, no matter how busy he was. Our family has heard many of your stories of favors he's done for you, never asking anything in return.

Opa was a man who was not afraid to apologize if he thought he had hurt your feelings. A man who was a good listener, offering advice or an opinion, only if asked. Most of all, he was a man who was full of gratitude. He often sent thank you notes for gifts and favors, and he always could be heard saying, "Thanks for all you do. I really appreciate it."

Opa Joe loved baseball. He was introduced to the game through his Aunt Agnes. She worked for a wealthy doctor, who had connections with the Williamsport Grays ball team. Ballplayers were invited over to the farm for a good home cooked meal and to taste some of my great- grandfather's home-made wines. There always seemed time for a game and that was how Opa learned a lot about baseball. He taught his children to throw balls in the backyard and occasionally he would round up the kids and go over to Curtin's softball field. They would spread out on the field and Opa would hit grounders and flies. It was his favorite sport, and he often caught a good nap watching the baseball games on TV.

He loved telling stories of his Navy days and his many hunting adventures.

He had some great stories of job-site experiences too. The young fellows he worked with entertained him on many of his jobs. His former workers loved and respected him and some are here today to serve as his pallbearers. Opa always insisted that the work be done the right way the first time and their work was recognized for its quality.

Opa never thought he would live to be 91 years old. Both of his parents died in their 60s. But his time wasn't up and he was able to spend many years of his retirement staying active with golfing, volunteering, spending time with his family and still doing odd jobs and consulting work.

Opa was always a strong man. He was never afraid of hard work and challenges. He was a man who worked full time yet still managed to build his own house in the evenings.

His last years, however, brought some senior challenges. Being a senior wasn't easy for him. When Opa was faced with failing eyesight and hearing, with slower steps and speech, he went forward to love each day full of gratitude for all those who cared for him. That was how Opa showed his true strength.

We were lucky to have him in our lives for so long. The longer he was with us, however, the harder it was to let him go. But we know now he's telling all those stories to his ancestors.

He left his legacy on all those who had the privilege to be his family, his crew, and his friends. He shaped all those around him though his own example. He showed others how to care, respect, and help people and do the right thing for the right reason.

We'll miss you, Opa Joe! Keep smiling down on us, and we'll meet again someday in that great baseball diamond in the sky.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

RIP Opa - Joseph Francis Eiswerth (1921-2013)

My grandfather, Joseph Francis Eiswerth, passed away on Friday, March 1, 2013. This is my tribute to my "Opa Joe."

Joseph Francis Eiswerth was born 18 September 1921 in East Palestine, Columbiana County, Ohio. He was the only child of Edward Charles Eiswerth and Angela Catherine Kavcic (anglicized Couchie). His father, Edward, had traveled west from central Pennsylvania to find work.

When Joseph was a few years old, the family moved back to Limestone Township, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, where Edward had been raised.


Joseph attended school in a one room schoolhouse run by the nuns at Immaculate Conception Church in Bastress, Pennsylvania.

Joseph stayed on the farm with his parents until his 21st birthday when he enlisted in the United States Navy. He served at Quonset Point, Rhode Island and in 1945 on the inaugural voyage of the USS Helena (into a hurricane). He was discharged on 29 October 1945.

After WWII, he moved to Williamsport, Pennsylvania to get a better education and life than he could have had on the farm. He met and married Evelyn Marie Eck on 5 November 1946 at St. Boniface Church. The video below is from their wedding day (with Oma's graduation at the beginning).

He worked 2nd shift while attending Williamsport Technical Institute. There he met Guy Reeder and Art Shaw and together they formed a construction partnership called Eiswerth, Reeder and Shaw (names listed in alphabetical order to be fair.)

He even built his own house in 1954. Here it is in 1971 getting a new roof.

Joseph and Evelyn had 7 children in the span of 6 years (the first two were twins).

My family lived in Ohio, so we always spent a week at Oma and Opa's over the summer and had another visit at Thanksgiving or Christmas. Below is a picture of my brother and me with Oma and Opa. Opa loved to wrestle with his grandkids.

Dinner at Thanksgiving of 1989.

The whole family at Thanksgiving 1990. (The youngest grandchild is missing from this photo since he wasn't born yet.)

Between high school, college and moving to Fort Wayne, I haven't seen my grandparents much over the last 15 years. But I was lucky to have a change to visit my grandparents during the summer of 2010 and 2011.

Opa will be buried on Tuesday, March 5 at St. Boniface Cemetery.

You might not have wanted to answer my genealogy questions, but I'll still miss you, Opa.

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

George E HILLIS and Mary S WASHBURN family

George Elder Hillis was born 25 May 1857 in Rising Sun, Ohio County, Indiana. He was the oldest child of Joseph Hillis and Susan Brown Morse.

He married Mary Susan Washburn on 5 September 1886 in Hamilton County, Ohio. Mary was born 28 September 1866 in Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio. She was the oldest child of Francis Marion Washburn and Lovina Matthews.

After their marriage, George and Mary lived in Cincinnati, Ohio; Boone County, Kentucky and Rising Sun, Indiana.

George died on 31 March 1917 in Rising Sun. Mary died on 19 April 1919 in Cincinnati. According to their death certificates they were both buried in Rising Sun, but no burial record has been found for either of them.

George and Mary had 9 children:
  1. Joseph Mills Hillis born 24 Dec 1887 in Cincinnati. He died 3 May 1974 in El Dorado, Kansas. He married Margaret Daniel (abt 1898 - ?).
  2. Francis Marion Hillis born 13 Dec 1888 in Cincinnati. He died 12 Oct 1977 in Rising Sun. He married Mary Ann Johnston (11 Sep 1883 - 25 Aug 1951).
  3. Sylvia C Hillis born 13 Aug 1892 in Kentucky. She died 21 Mar 1970 in Kenton County, Kentucky. She married 1st Sidney Sayers Clements (19 Jan 1891 - 5 Jul 1940) and 2nd a Mr. Lawson.
  4. Alice Susan Hillis born 1 Apr 1896 in Rabbit Hash, Kentucky. She died 31 Jul 1979 in Hamilton County, Ohio. She married Dewey Francis Bascom (6 May 1898 - 2 Jun 1975).
  5. Vallie I Hillis born 16 Nov 1898 in Indiana. She died 14 Jan 1994 in Rising Sun. She married Fred Hess (4 Jul 1890 - 6 Mar 1966).
  6. George Raymond Hillis born 17 Jul 1900 in Indiana. He died 29 Jun 1973 in Cincinnati. He married Dorothy York.
  7. Barret Guy Hillis born 30 Dec 1906 in Rising Sun. He died 15 Jul 1995 in Montgomery, Ohio. He married Gladys B Griffith.
  8. Unnamed child born 8 April 1908 and died 7 Jul 1909 in Ohio County, Indiana.
  9. Willard Hillis stillborn 29 Feb 1912.
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