Saturday, April 27, 2013

John Elvey SUCKLING and Caroline RICE family

John Elvey Suckling was born 9 February 1817 in Grimston, Norfolk, England. He was the son of John Suckling and Jemima Elvey.

John married Caroline Rice on 1 October 1844 in Ludham, Norfolk, England. Caroline was born 20 Jan 1822 in Ludham. She was the daughter of John Rice and Sarah Watson.

John and Caroline lived in Terrington St. Clement, Norfolk, England.

Caroline died on 7 May 1902 in Terrington St. Clement. After Caroline's death, John went to live with his son and died on 28 December 1904 in Moorsholm, Yorkshire, England.

John and Caroline had 9 children:
  1. Frederick John Suckling (1845 - 13 Apr 1920) married Elizabeth Walt (abt 1850 - ?). They lived in Moorsholm, Yorkshire, England.
  2. Alban Henry Suckling (1847 - 30 Oct 1931) married Maria Brotton (1851 - bef 1901). They lived in Guisborough, Yorkshire, England.
  3. Emmeline Harriet Suckling (1848 - 1867).
  4. Henrietta Caroline Suckling (1850 - 1852).
  5. Henrietta Eliza Suckling (1852 - 1854).
  6. Alfred William Suckling (1855 - 1920) married Emma Laura Woodrow (abt 1859 - ?). They lived in Brotton, Yorkshire, England.
  7. Walter Watson Suckling (1858 - 1858).
  8. William Watson Suckling (28 Apr 1860 - 28 May 1929) married 1st Lavina Victoria Farrell (12 Jun 1867 - 15 Feb 1904). Married 2nd Mabel Richards (abt 1848 - bef 1963). They lived in Lincoln County, Ontario, Canada.
  9. Julia Eliza Suckling (1864 - 1945) married William Samuel Carter (1865 - ?). They lived in Terrington St. Clement, Norfolk, England.
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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ancestor Wall Art - Part 2

Yesterday, I posted about the wall art in my office. Today I am writing about the wall art in our family room.

I've been wanting to do an ancestor photo wall for a while. Most of the photos in our house are from our wedding, so I was also getting tired of them.

I found these awesome leaves at the Ohio Ren Faire two years ago. But since my husband was more interested in sharp objects, I didn't get them. So this fall, I made sure that we came home with some.

Since I have a bazillion photos from my grandpa's WWII days, I made sure to highlight a few of them. I also had to find a way to include my husband on the wall (it's a little hard when we don't have many photos and can't get more by choice). I was able to add few photo of him when he was little and an ancestral family photo I received from one of his distant cousins.

I hope to add a few more sets of leaves to the wall and some more photos in the future.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ancestor Wall Art - Part 1

I meant to write about my new wall art this fall, but since that never happened, I might as well do it now. 

I have been wanting to change the stuff on my office walls for a while and add something genealogy related. The walls in my office are purple and I could have used black and white family photos, but I wanted something different. 

So I decided to make word clouds of my ancestors' surnames and birth places. I used Tagxedo to create the images.

For the surnames tree, I created a text file of the surnames of 8 generations of my family. I uploaded the text file to Tagxedo, chose my options, and saved the image.

For the birthplaces tree, I created a text file of the birthplaces of 7 generations. [In order to get two words to attach, you add a ~ between the words. Ex: Lycoming~County.]

I had the images printed as 12x12 glossy photos and framed them. Along with some family photos, I now have genealogy art in my office.

[And yes, the photos are not centered with the cabinet. But that's where the nails were from the poster that was hanging there first. They are centered on the wall though.]

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Valentine BLITZ and Margretha LUTZ family

Valentine Blitz was born in 1828 in Hesse-Darmstadt. He was the son of Catherine. He arrived in New York City on 9 August 1852 aboard the ship Genl Dunlop.

He married Margretha Lutz. Margretha was born 23 September 1837 in Hesse-Darmstadt.

Valentine and Margretha lived in Williamsport, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania and attended St. Boniface Catholic Church.

Margretha died on 18 November 1897 in Williamsport. Valentine died in 1898. They were both buried in St. Boniface Cemetery.

Valentine and Margretha had 8 children, all born in Williamsport:
  1. Eva Catherine Blitz (27 Oct 1857 -25 Feb 1939) married Frank Anselm Haefner (277 Jul 1853 - 25 Nov 1933).
  2. Anna Maria Blitz (23 Apr 1860 - 12 Jan 1953). Anna never married.
  3. Margretha Blitz (11 Jun 1861 - 19 Oct 1934) married Charles L Snyder (Apr 1858 - 12 Dec 1934).
  4. Magdalena Blitz (22 Mar 1864 - 12 Mar 1926) married Frank J Gaus (28 Aug 1863 - 10 Apr 1932).
  5. Joseph Blitz (29 Mar 1869 - 30 Aug 1879).
  6. Wilhelm Bernard Blitz (12 Oct 1872 - 16 Oct 1937) married Catherine Uebelhoer (25 Dec 1869 - 16 Dec 1934).
  7. Adam Blitz (8 Jun 1875 - 18 Oct 1947) married Mary B Houck (Oct 1873 - ?).
  8. Mary Margaret Blitz (11 May 1880 - 26 Mar 1953) married Frederick Sylvester Bertin (18 Nov 1879 - 9 May 1941).
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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Franz Simon HAEFNER and Eva Barbara MULLAR family

Franz Simon Haefner was born in 1808 in Koeningheim, Baden. He married Eva Barbara Mullar in 1834. Eva was born on 19 August 1810. Their parents are unknown.

Eva died on 15 February 1878. Franz died on 31 March 1884 in Koeningheim.

Franz and Eva had 8 children:
  1. Frank Alselm Haefner (27 Jul 1853 - 25 Nov 1933) married Eva Catherine Blitz (27 Oct 1857 - 25 Feb 1939). Frank immigrated to the United States and lived in Williamsport, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania.
  2. Katerina Haefner (1848 - 1 Jul 1928) married Herman Bottlinger (24 Sep 1838 - 26 Aug 1919). Katerina immigrated to the United States. She was married in Williamsport and then moved to Hamilton, Hamilton County, Texas.
  3. Magdalena Haefner (3 Jul 1837 - 11 Nov 1928) married John Young (12 Oct 1824 - 31 Jan 1911). Magdalena immigrated to the United States and lived in Williamsport, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania.
  4. Eva Barbara Haefner
  5. Alexander Haefner
  6. Wendelin Haefner
  7. Nikelaus Haefner
  8. Female child
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Monday, April 8, 2013

FGS 2013 Ambassadors and more

For those that don't know, I'm Publicity Chair for the Federation of Genealogical Societies' 2013 Conference and I live in Fort Wayne, Indiana. So I might be a little biased that FGS 2013 is coming to Fort Wayne, August 21-24. 

I'll also be giving two presentations during the conference. On Wednesday, August 21, I'll be presenting "Social Media for Our Societies." On Saturday, August 24, my session is titled, "History and Records of Indiana's Gore." (No blood, but we will play a game.)

FGS 2013 Ambassadors
I'm excited to launch the FGS 2013 Ambassadors program today. 

Genealogy bloggers, societies, writers and editors are invited to become FGS 2013 Ambassadors. Ambassadors help to spread information about the FGS 2013 Conference through social media to their friends, colleagues, and everyone interested in genealogy.

There are some great benefits of becoming an FGS 2013 Ambassador:
Visit to learn more, register as an FGS 2013 Ambassador, find the FGS 2013 Ambassador badge to add to your blog or other social media account. 

I look forward to seeing everyone in Fort Wayne this August and hope that many of you will become FGS 2013 Ambassadors.

Learn More about FGS 2013 and Stay Connected
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·         Follow the conference on Twitter at and hashtag #FGS2013.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Johannes VONBANK and Ursula WEISS family

Johannes VonBank (or John Bank) was born 22 Jul 1827 in Bleichheim, Baden. He was the son of Johann VonBank and Theresia Baer.

He married Ursula Weiss (no marriage has been found in Germany). Ursula was born 17 October 1830 in Heimbach, Baden. She was the daughter of Kasper Weiss and Maria Anna Herr.

John and Ursula's first child was born in Heimbach. They immigrated to the United States on 9 April 1852 on board the ship France. After arriving in New York City, they made their way to central Pennsylvania. They lived first in Union Township, Union County, Pennsylvania and moved to Danville, Montour County, Pennsylvania by 1870.

John died on 24 January 1894 in Danville. Ursula died on 22 December 1905 in Danville. They were both buried in St. Hubert's Cemetery in Danville.

John and Ursula had 7 daughters. Emma was born in Heimbach, Baden and the others were born in Pennsylvania:
  1. Emma Bank (12 April 1850 - 7 April 1882) married Harman HILSHER (abt 1848 - 3 January 1937).
  2. Mary Bank (September 1856 - 14 January 1933) married Henry FELIX (September 1855 - 9 October 1918).
  3. Theresa Bank (8 December 1858 - 13 February 1927) married John Jeremiah ECK (19 June 1857 - 8 July 1935).
  4. Anna Bank (5 May 1861 - 26 July 1938).
  5. Catharine Bank (Oct 1863 - 30 April 1917) married John Weis (Jun 1860 - ?).
  6. Margaret Bank (Nov 1866 - 11 Feb 1942) married Francis DeSales Smith.
  7. Elizabeth C Bank (30 November 1870 - 1960) married Frederick A Mayan (Jul 1866 - ?).
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