Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ancestor Wall Art - Part 1

I meant to write about my new wall art this fall, but since that never happened, I might as well do it now. 

I have been wanting to change the stuff on my office walls for a while and add something genealogy related. The walls in my office are purple and I could have used black and white family photos, but I wanted something different. 

So I decided to make word clouds of my ancestors' surnames and birth places. I used Tagxedo to create the images.

For the surnames tree, I created a text file of the surnames of 8 generations of my family. I uploaded the text file to Tagxedo, chose my options, and saved the image.

For the birthplaces tree, I created a text file of the birthplaces of 7 generations. [In order to get two words to attach, you add a ~ between the words. Ex: Lycoming~County.]

I had the images printed as 12x12 glossy photos and framed them. Along with some family photos, I now have genealogy art in my office.

[And yes, the photos are not centered with the cabinet. But that's where the nails were from the poster that was hanging there first. They are centered on the wall though.]

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  1. Very creative. Thanks for the link to Tagxedo for word clouds.

    Also like your Copyright and Terms of Service area on the right sidebar. A great example for a beginning blogger like me.