Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ancestor Wall Art - Part 2

Yesterday, I posted about the wall art in my office. Today I am writing about the wall art in our family room.

I've been wanting to do an ancestor photo wall for a while. Most of the photos in our house are from our wedding, so I was also getting tired of them.

I found these awesome leaves at the Ohio Ren Faire two years ago. But since my husband was more interested in sharp objects, I didn't get them. So this fall, I made sure that we came home with some.

Since I have a bazillion photos from my grandpa's WWII days, I made sure to highlight a few of them. I also had to find a way to include my husband on the wall (it's a little hard when we don't have many photos and can't get more by choice). I was able to add few photo of him when he was little and an ancestral family photo I received from one of his distant cousins.

I hope to add a few more sets of leaves to the wall and some more photos in the future.

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