Saturday, June 29, 2013

Joseph HILLIS and Susan Brown MORSE family

Joseph Hillis was born 29 April 1832 in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia or England. (See previous post Brick Wall - Where did Joseph Hillis Originate?)

Joseph married Susan Brown Morse on 12 May 1856 in Ohio County, Indiana. Susan was born 15 December 1838 to Valorous Morse and Mary B Works.

Joseph and Susan moved to Boone County, Kentucky by 1880. Joseph died on 25 February 1907. Susan died on 20 March 1911. They were both supposedly buried in Rising Sun, Ohio County, Indiana, although no record of their burials has been located.

Joseph Hillis and Susan Brown Morse had 4 children, all born in Indiana, probably in Ohio County:
  1. George Elder Hillis (25 May 1857 - 31 Mar 1917) married Mary Susan Washburn (28 Sep 1866 - 19 Apr 1919).
  2. Valorous Morse Hillis (Aug 1859 - 9 Oct 1931). He never married.
  3. Mary Francis Hillis (28 Jan 1863 - 26 Feb 1948) married William Hankinson (16 Apr 1858 - 5 Apr 1938).
  4. Lizzie Hillis (Sep 1865 - before 1910) married Philip Cayton (b. Sep 1850).
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Saturday, June 22, 2013

George W SANDERS and Sarah Jane DUNNING family

George W Sanders was born 24 February 1842 in Ohio, most likely in Cincinnati. He was the son of William B Sanders and Susan Estep.

George married Sarah Jane Dunning on 29 September 1864 in Switzerland County, Indiana. Sarah was born 24 April 1842 in Switzerland County, Indiana to Michael Dunning and Susanna Turner.

George died on 10 August 1901 in East Enterprise, Switzerland County, Indiana. Sarah died on 14 March 1926 in Cotton Township, Switzerland County, Indiana. They were both buried in Bovard Cemetery in Cotton Township.

George W Sanders and Sarah Jane Dunning had 5 children:
  1. Edwin Sanders (July 1865 - 1915) married Edda G Pickett (May 1874 - 1947).
  2. Mary B Sanders (28 Nov 1867 - 12 Apr 1962) married Harry M Stow (23 Dec 1861 - 6 Sep 1946).
  3. Susan Sanders (14 Mar 1870 - 16 Jan 1927) married Willard Theodore Bascom (4 Jan 1868 - 30 Mar 1934).
  4. Mariah S Sanders (Dec 1873 - 10 Sep 1942) married Elmer E Ford (19 Dec 1866 - 6 Dec 1948).
  5. Walter Armstrong Sanders (15 Jun 1876 - 3 May 1949) married Kate Bell Heady (circa 1877 - 31 Jul 1930).
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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

FGS 2013 Early Bird Deadline July 1st

Hopefully you have already put the Federation of Genealogical Society's 2013 Conference on your calendar (August 21-24).

Hopefully you have your hotel reservations (a 4th conference hotel was just added).

Hopefully you are planning your travel arrangements (Fort Wayne is an easy drive if you are in the Midwest).

Hopefully you have a list of books and microfilm to search at The Genealogy Center at the Allen County Public Library.

Hopefully you have browsed the great program (and have found at least 3 sessions you want to attend in each time slot).

Don't forget to REGISTER! The Early Bird Deadline for FGS 2013 ends on July 1st. You'll want to register soon to save those $50 to use toward luncheons, workshops, special events or exhibit hall purchases during the conference. (And if you are thinking about attending a workshop or luncheon, register for those soon since one workshop is sold-out and others are getting close).

Don't wait until July 1st. Go to and register today.

And tell your friends.

This message is from the FGS 2013 Publicity Chair (aka me). So be sure to tell everyone you see about the conference and I'll see you in Fort Wayne in August.

Disclosure: I am also a speaker at FGS 2013 and have received a complimentary registration as part of my compensation.